Discovering the Hidden Charms of Smiths Falls: Fun Activities to Explore

Smiths Falls is a small town that may not be on everyone’s radar but is brimming with charm and unique activities waiting to be explored. If you find yourself in this delightful town, here are three fun and memorable things to do that will make your visit truly special.

1. Bowie’s: Where Music Takes Center Stage
Smiths Falls may be a small town, but its music scene is alive and kicking, and there’s no better place to experience it than at Bowie’s. This local music club, aptly named as a nod to the legendary David Bowie, is a hub of musical creativity and talent.
Thursday Open Stage: Kickstart your weekend early by attending Bowie’s open stage on Thursday nights. Whether you’re an aspiring musician or just love to listen, this is the perfect opportunity to share your talents or discover local artists in an intimate and friendly setting.
New Music Fridays: Every Friday at Bowie’s the venue host live original music from up and coming talent. Here you’ll get the chance to see both local and out of town talents shine. With 2 sets, one at 8:30pm and one at 11:30pm Fridays at Bowie’s are the epicenter of nightlife in
Smiths Falls. Ever wanted to be able to tell stories about seeing famous musicians in small clubs before they “got big”?? – then be sure to check out Friday nights at Bowie’s!
Songwriter Showcase: If you’re lucky enough to be in Smiths Falls on the third Sunday of the month, don’t miss Bowie’s ticketed songwriter showcase. This event features established and emerging songwriters who captivate the audience with their storytelling and melodies. It’s a night of creativity and connection that you won’t want to miss.

2. Pedal & Paddle: Explore the Rideau Canal in Style
For outdoor enthusiasts, Smiths Falls offers the perfect opportunity to explore the picturesque Rideau Canal and local bike paths. Meet Bill, the owner of “Pedal & Paddle,” your gateway to adventure in this beautiful area. Canoe, Kayak, and Stand-Up Paddleboard Rentals: Dive into the tranquility of the Rideau Canal with a canoe, kayak, or stand-up paddleboard rental from Pedal & Paddle. Glide through
the calm waters, take in the stunning natural scenery, and maybe even spot some local wildlife along the way.
Bicycle Rentals: If you prefer exploring on two wheels, Bill has you covered with bicycle rentals. Cruise along the scenic bike paths, discovering the town’s hidden gems and soaking in the fresh air.

3. RMEO: A Train Enthusiast’s Dream

Calling all train enthusiasts and families looking for a unique adventure! The Railway Museum of
Eastern Ontario (RMEO) is a captivating attraction that immerses you in the rich history of the railroad.
The RMEO houses a remarkable collection of historical train cars, each with its own story to tell.
Explore vintage locomotives, cabooses, and passenger cars, and gain a fascinating insight into the golden age of rail travel.

What makes RMEO even more special are its themed events that bring the past to life. From special exhibitions to family-friendly activities, there’s always something happening at this charming train museum.

Smiths Falls may be a small town, but it’s big on charm and unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re a music lover, an outdoor adventurer, or a history buff, Smiths Falls has something to offer everyone. So, the next time you find yourself in this hidden gem of a town, don’t forget to check out Bowie’s, Pedal & Paddle, and the RMEO for a truly enjoyable and memorable visit.