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Accumulating wealth doesn’t come easy. While most people would suggest they would love to retire early and travel the world, there is a big difference between a dream, and a goal.

At Rideau Wealth Solutions, we believe effective financial and retirement planning is important at all ages and can give people the clarity they need to make the best decisions with their money. We believe a well thought out, structured and disciplined investment plan can provide tremendous advantages and can lead to financial freedom later in life.

At the same time, we believe that financial security planning should not take a back seat to wealth accumulation plans. Too many things in life are not certain, and we all face the risk of serious illness, disability or premature death. We can quantify the impact of such events on one’s long-term financial plan, and help ensure that assets are preserved for their intention – financial freedom and retirement when, and how you want it.

We don’t charge a fee for our consultations or our services. We are paid by investment and insurance companies as we manage your financial future. We believe we can add the understanding, clarity and value you are looking for in your next financial advisor and are willing to spend the time needed to create a meaningful, valued long-term relationship.