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270 Brockville St., Smiths Falls, ON K7A 3Z3
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TVCOGECO provides exposure to local organizations, groups and individuals to promote their activities in return for promotional considerations, media partnerships and services in-kind. TVCOGECO produces a wide variety of programming.  Staff producers direct the activities of many highly trained community volunteers who commit their time to bring you stories, people, places and events of our community.  At TVCOGECO, we enjoy being a part of your community.  That’s why all of our cable services include a local community channel devoted to covering and discussing those events and issues that matter most to you and your neighbours. Besides a more reliable signal and more convenient service, another reason people prefer cable over satellite is local community programming.  Satellite doesn’t offer any, while cable devotes an entire channel to it.  If it’s happening in your community, it’s probably on TVCOGECO.