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Why choose Art + Science?

Our therapists are movement specialists…who truly care.

We understand you are one in a million, and we tailor our approach to match your needs. We want to fix your injury. But even more than that, we want to help you to learn to move better in the long run. We care about your future, and preventing injury is our priority.

We understand the importance of identifying the true root of the problem. That’s why we always start with a detailed assessment. We take the time to get curious about you, how you move. The body is not a series of isolated parts, but rather a complex, dynamic integrated system that has to work together for a common goal.

​At Art + Science, we understand that to have true wellness, you have to be fully engaged in the process of becoming well. We want to partner with you. We believe you are capable of less painful, more efficient, more enjoyable movement. We will teach you what you need to know to get there.

Ready to start your movement journey?

Let us guide you to become the expert on your own body you were meant to be. You will feel stronger, more confident and better than ever before.