Your story can make a difference!


Your story can make a difference!

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Background Context

I’m really curious! I want to better understand how business groups (like the Chamber of Commerce), benefit members.

  • What are the attractors that get business people to the group and what keeps them there?
  • How come some seem to flourish and others are in decline?

I am using a cutting edge research methodology “water cooler stories” to answer these questions. Your input is anonymous. My findings will be shared with you. Thanks for your time.

James Turk, Business Strategist at Innovation in U (and new Chamber member).

The Research

As with any business group concerned with creating value for it’s members, ‘staying relevant’ matters to us. To find out if we are staying relevant, we may ask members to give us their opinion directly; or, we might survey them and get responses.

However, traditional surveys often don’t help us to understand the nuances of people’s experience. We ask questions such as “does your boss consult with you on a regular basis?” We tick the answer on a scale from “never” … “to all the time”.

Life is more richly patterned than a simple survey. Our response might be: “sometimes s/he should”, “sometimes s/he shouldn’t”; because, in truth, “it depends”. Context changes everything.

I am exploring the use of a new, cutting edge, research tool that uses narrative fragments (water cooler stories), to bring out the patterns of experience (multiple perspectives), that help leaders make better decisions for working in complex situations (such as to understand a market segment, workplace safety, or employee engagement, better).

We want to discover the stories that are being told (which more accurately reflect our experience), and see the patterns that we can work with…“we want more stories like this” and “less stories like that”from which we can determine how we can take small actions to create positive benefit for our organization…and, with continued sampling, produce a human sensor network sensitive to small changes in the environment.


As part of a larger research and analysis project on ‘group value’, we have the chance to run a smaller research element on a targeted business group.

A normal research project, such as this, is worth many thousands of dollars. As part of Innovation in U’s development work, there is no charge to the Chamber for conducting this research.

I will be providing you with the results of the research as part of your participation. Our hope is that the level of participation and results provide meaningful benefit…we might call this a ‘test and learn’ opportunity, for both of us.

Sense of urgency

Because this is part of a larger project and the opportunity has just arisen, the timeframes are tight. Data collection is open from now until to June 6, 2017.

How this data is going to be used

We iterate again that your contribution to this project is anonymous, and we capture no identifying information from participants. Further, your specific group will not be disclosed as part of the data usage other than in general terms such as an example of a ‘business group’ or ‘social group’.

This data (the stories and associated signification), could be used in the following ways:

  1. By those taking part in an analysis course as part of further training in this method;
  2. By the data collectors as aggregated data for comparison of different types of groups as part of demonstrating this methods’ effectiveness; and,
  3. By your specific data collector to demonstrate to potential users how this method works.

Thanks again for participating!

Questions and feedback can be addressed to James Turk at: text 613 539 2860  or

Check us out at:





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