“Understanding Personal Strengths, Managing Conflict and Improving Relationships” Seminar

Dr. ZiebarthUnique Seminar Coming to Smiths Falls:

“Understanding Personal Strengths, Managing Conflict and Improving Relationships”

Managing your strengths, understanding your conflicts and overseeing your relationships will be the topic of a very lively presentation and discussion by Dr. Susan Ziebarth BSc, MHA, DM.

Smiths Falls Chamber of Commerce and Smile Sensations Independent Dental Hygiene Clinic are pleased to be sponsoring this 2 hour workshop on Wednesday May 1st at the Smiths Falls Curling & Squash Club. Dr. Ziebarth will explain how individual values affect our overall decision making activities. Participants will learn their own core values and 6 types of contributions. We will also explore the core values of others and learn how all types of people operate and interact.

This is something new for Smiths Falls residents and business owners, it will be an ‘interactive’ discussion where a  personal online ‘core values index’ assessment will be confidentially completed by everyone prior to the event to help identify their personal strengths in relating to others under 2 conditions; when everything is going well and when they are faced with conflict.

Knowing your core values means we can move strategically to take a position for effective action. Knowledge your personal strengths can be used to improve relationships with others. The ‘Core Values Index’ assessment is a self-discovery tool that is not about judgement or “right” or “wrong”. It is a resource that helps you to take stock of your motivational values which is the basis of how you feel and act in different situations.

The evening will provide ideas that will help people to understand how to build productive relationships and manage conflict by providing a window into the motivation that drives behaviour. The awareness of “self” and “others” helps you to improve all types of relationships whether in your personal, work, home, school or social life.

Prior to the meeting each participant will have the opportunity to complete the “The Core Values Index™” (CVI™). As a registrant for the presentation, you will receive an email invitation with the web-link to take the CVI™ on a complimentary basis – the assessment would normally cost $50.00 US.

This unique instrument takes ten minutes or less to complete, and provides a highly accurate and reliable picture of the core motivational drivers of any person, with an instant report, online.

For business owners this seminar will allow you to find out how to draw on your inner foundation to have your business thrive and grow.  Most times, it is not a person’s skill, experience or attitude that prevents them from being a Top Performer in a given job; it is their ability to perform certain tasks and functions the way the position requires.  If a person’s motivational drivers and sense of contribution does not align with the work they are being asked to do, they will have difficulty rising to the top. 

Dr. Ziebarth will demonstrate how each person’s natural and unchanging core values are the source of business effectiveness. This innate ‘wiring’ also creates the extraordinary opportunity to increase each participant’s ‘Return on Investment’ in human capital.

This knowledge will help you ensure your role is structured so that you are making your highest and best contribution to your company’s mission and bottom line. Take advantage of the ‘2 for 1 offer’ and sign up your entire staff to have their CVI’s done, imagine how nice it would be if everyone at your business understood each others’ core values, and how much easier it would be for everyone to relate with one another in a positive manner. Through the understanding of how one relates to other individuals, you can work more effectively with employees, customers, suppliers, and those you might report to.

All participants will be shown how to look at their own instinctive core values and identify the kinds of decisions and implementation challenges that are innately difficult for them and how knowledge of core values can help in our personal relationships, as business owners or employees.

You don’t want to miss this extremely interesting seminar on human behavior, it gives insight on why we interact well with some people and struggle with others.

The “Early Bird Registration” closes Wednesday April 24nd. Take advantage of the special pricing of $25 plus “Bring a Friend for Free”. There are only a few days left to call the Chamber of Commerce office at 613-283-1334 to reserve your seat. Tickets purchased after April 24th will be $30.