T’s Chips adds Gluten Free Buns

For immediate release:

T’s Chips and More
Most celiacs & gluten intolerant people know it’s tough to find gluten free products & even fewer that are affordable & taste good. We’re ecstatic to announce that as of April 14 (Good Friday) we will have the Purest Bakery hamburger buns!! We will have these as an option for our guests with our pulled pork bunwich & our signature burgers. There will be a small charge of $.50 each for the buns. We were suitably impressed with the taste & how well it held up with our burgers to know we needed this product. We are extremely grateful to Robin Duncan for making this an easy “yes!” for us.

We are starting a monthly “Happy Food Fix” contest. It’s simple: Stop by. Get your T’s food fix that makes you happy. Post it to our Facebook page or @ us on Twitter. We will draw a random winner the first day of each month from our entrants & they get a T’s Chips …and more $25 Gift Certificate.

We have a late entrant to our permanent menu: Ice Cream Floats. Two scoops of Chapmans vanilla ice cream (gluten & nut free) with any one of the pops we carry. We know “going for ice cream” can be expensive so we are offering a family of four or more, a $.50/float discount. No other discounts apply/accepted for this.