The Corrective Justice Legal Service

 “Helping you– navigate your legal matters.”corrective-justice

Presently located in Maberly, ON, The Corrective Justice Legal Service is owned by Jenna Deforge, Paralegal. She was influenced into this business, because she wanted to provide community alternative legal services and access to justice. A mentor of hers, Pamela Sero-Thompson of CAJ Paralegal was also an influence for her to this business.

Some of the services provided by The Corrective Justice Legal Service includes, but is not limited to, preparing court documents, court appearances, landlord & tenant, small claims, traffic tickets, assist other paralegals/ lawyers, etc. The legal services provide are affordable, they make resources available and have licensed professionals to assist you with your legal concerns. For example, Jenna Deforge assisted a landlord whom was on the verge of losing her house to a tenant. Jenna saved it through proper eviction and the landlord was satisfied with the outcome.

Paralegal-  A person trained in subsidiary legal matters but not fully qualified as a lawyer.