The Best Hiking Trails in Smiths Falls

Smiths Falls is a gem located on the banks of Rideau Canal in Eastern Ontario that has been hidden in plain sight for all these years. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is an eclectic mix of old and new, giving the residents and its visitors the best of both worlds. There is something for everyone in this small town. Smiths Falls is easily accessible from Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto, so you can either plan a side trip or take your time to experience several other outdoor activities such as biking, fishing, boating etc.

If there are plenty of leisurely activities to keep you occupied for a day, there is also the option of just losing track of time and escaping the city’s commotion by walking on one of many nature trails surrounding Smiths Falls region.

Here are some that are definitely worth the experience!

Famous hiking trails around Smiths Falls

  • Cataraqui Trail

The Cataraqui trail is a 103 km long stretch that extends from Smiths Falls in the east to Strathcona in the West. Hiking this trail can be a very pleasant experience for beginners who are getting to know the outdoors. This path merges with Trans-Canada trail system that follows the old railway line,making it easier for new hikers to traverse. Everyone from trekkers to cyclists can be seen enjoying this trail throughout the year.

  • Foley Mountain Conservation Area

 This trail is located within 800 acres of Foley Mountain conservation area and is maintained by Rideau Valley Conservation Authority. Hikers can get up close with the forests, ponds and fields, enjoying nature at its best. Visitors can not only hike through this area, but also explore plenty of other outdoor activities.

  • Rideau Trail

This 300 km trail was established in 1971 that stretches between Kingston and Ottawa. Maintained by volunteers, the hikers will walk through conservation areas, provincial parks and many other natural offerings that keep them visually occupied. Cutting through creeks and lake shores, hikers can easily enjoy the trail by using readily available guidebook about the Rideau Trail. It is a rewarding experience to connect with the landscape and witness wildlife in their natural habitat.

Smiths Falls is an ideal spot for outdoor enthusiasts who have a special spot for nature and all things natural. Come visit the quaint town and experience its beautiful hiking routes, among many other recreational activities, right in the heart of Rideau Canal.

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