Shop Winners

The ” Show your pride, Show your Reciept ” campaign has produced  28 winners to date. Each winner takes home a package worth over $500 worth of gift certifcates.

2010 Winners

Leta Sheridan – Winning store Bronze Bayou(November)

December 2010 brought with it three very lucky winners of the  Show Your Pride Show Your Reciept, campaign, December 1, 2010 was Penny Chambers and the winning ballot was from Wright Way. Another winner for December 2010 was Anne- Marie Nixon from Vickie’s Little Specialty Shop.Just days befor Christmas we gave Thelma Whaley a gift, the winning ballot was from Hair Visions 2000.

2011 Winners

January–Ashley McCreary – winning ballot from Bronze Bayou

February-Shirley Groulx-winning location Gemmells Flowers

March- Connie Frye– Vickie’s

April– Helen Hanna– Vickie’s

May-Louella Hodge– Vickie’s

June–Lisa Conlon- Special Greetings

July- Millie Bittman–Modern Thymes

August-Sylvia Sherman– Modern Thymes

September– Ken Devit– Pik A -Pizza

October- Anneke Phillips– Jewels

November- Fernand Regimbal–Pik-A-Pizza

December 2011 finished off a year of 12 lucky winners with Bonnie Bamville winning and the ballot was drawn from The Rideau Winery.

 2012 Winners

January–Earl Willoghby — Gemmels Flowers

Feburary– Am Moxley– Modern Thymes

March– Shannon MacArthun– Jewels

April– Gemmells Flowers– Jeannette Lefevre

May and June — Rhoda Collin– Modern Thymes

July–Jackie Atkin–Hair Visions 2000

August– Gail Ritchie–Pik-A- Pizza

September–Aurea Mclenaghan–Nick’s Fish & Chips

October–Charlene Laforce– Special Greetings

November– Jewels– Jill Dube

December 2012–Bill adams/ Barb Gour —