Why Belong To The Chamber?

To Support the Greater Business Community

At the Table and On Your Side

When you support the Chamber, you ensure that there is always someone at the table saying,

  • “But what about the businesses?”
  • “How is this going to impact our businesses?”
  • “How are we going to get more profits for the businesses?”

The Chamber is always listening and always advocating.

Build your army

Get more people recommending you.

Take advantage of opportunities to meet other business owners in relaxed atmospheres.
Word of mouth is the number one form of advertising for influencing people.
This new network of fellow Chamber members are now ready to recommend you.

Learn from the experience of others. Help others with your experience.

What are your business goals? Short term? Long term?

Chances are, one of our members has been where you are now.
Let us introduce you to them. Gain from their knowledge and experience.
Plus you can build the strength of another local business by sharing your knowledge.
We’re all #StrongerTogether

Attend Professional Development Sessions

Learn the skills to take your business to the next level.

The Chamber brings in experts to teach you more about the latest business tactics.

We’ll also tell you about other professional development training opportunities.
The Small Business Centre and Valley Heartland hold regular sessions and are Chamber members.
Sometimes we partner with other Chambers for regional sessions.
So you can find out more about all sorts of relevant topics like maybe a new tax law, an emerging HR issue or maybe a new marketing trend you can leverage for your own business.

Save Money

Of course, there are the  cost savings benefits that you can tap into through the Chamber.
We have many exclusive offers and are currently building more!

Chamber Referrals & Promotion

Remember how Face To Face Communication is the number one way to influence people?
We regularly have people asking us for referrals for various businesses.
They call the office and walk in to the Visitors Centre (which the SF&D Chamber manages here in town hall).

We also run the Victoria Park Campground so we talk to hundreds of tourists.
Every day we encouraging people to find everything they need – from services, to products, to experiences.

Social media ally

Even when you are a social media pro, it still helps to have another partner liking and sharing posts.
We have a presence on several social media platforms – most active on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter.

Sounding Board

We are always available to help with advice and support.
Belonging to the Smiths Falls & District Chamber of Commerce allows you to add your voice to the most progressive and well-respected business networks – locally, regionally, provincially and federally – 65,000 members in Ontario and 170,000 members Canada wide.

Sounding good? –> Click to find out more about membership rates and to download your application form (PDF)

Top 8 Reasons to Join the Smiths Falls & District Chamber of Commerce 

Prosperity for All

  • Become a part of a great organization, with a rich local history, dedicated to helping local business flourish.
  • Supporting the Chamber of Commerce is an effective way to support your community and local business in our region.


  • Join a growing circle of people who often become valuable resources, both in business and personally.
  • Meet individuals that have goals similar to yours and build relationships


  • Demonstrate your leadership skills and gain new skills by associating with other business professionals with varied management styles.


  • Network with other businesses, groups, and individuals with all types of business backgrounds.
  • Gain inspiration and enthusiasm.
  • Attend learning seminars on a wide-range of business topics from marketing to hr to banking and more.

Benefits & Savings

  • Take advantage of the growing number of discounts and benefits that Chamber members enjoy.
  • Utilize the provincial and national Chambers offers and also the member to member benefits locally to save your company money.


  • Strengthen your communication skills while interacting with members and other Chambers.
  • You’ll share ideas and discuss emerging business strategies.

Identification & Recognition

  • Enhance your image by being part of an active and community-minded organization.
  • People recognize those who belong to and associate with this long-established, Canada-wide network of Chambers of Commerce.

Help with Advertising & Promotion

  • Exploit opportunities to promote your products and services while participating in Chamber promotions and activities. (website, social media & newsletters and more)
  • Keep your business front of mind in your fellow Chamber members.
  • They’ll become allies who recommend your business in their daily interactions.