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Contact: James Levere
Work 16 Beckwith St. South Smiths Falls ON Work Phone: 613-283-7993 Work Fax: 613-283-7995

Bennett’s Bait & Tackle

Contact: Wayne & Linda Bennett
Work 158 Lombard St. Smiths Falls K7A 5B8 Work Phone: 613-283-0683 Work Fax: 613-283-1292 Website:

Canadian Tire

Contact: Joe Caine
Work 10 Ferrara Dr. Smiths Falls K7A 5K4 Work Phone: 613-283-3906 Work Fax: 613-284-1107 Website:

Davidson Courtyard Shops

Contact: Scott Taylor
Work 7 Russell Street West Smiths Falls K7A 1N8 Canada Work Phone: 613-283-8232

Gemmell’s Garden Centre

Contact: Rob Gemmell
Work 11862 Hwy. 15 N. R.R. 3 Smtihs Falls K7A 4S4 Work Phone: 613-283-6371 Work Fax: 613-283-6674 Website:

HD Office Supplies

Contact: Holly Ault
Work 4 Russell St. E. Unit 1 Smiths Falls K7A 1E8 Work Phone: 613-283-6141 Work Fax: 613-283-6553 Website:

Kinkaid & Loney Monuments

Contact: Chris & Margaret Loney
Work 41 William St. E. Smiths Falls K7A 1C3 Work Phone: 613-283-3480 Cell Phone: 1-800-749-0807 Website:

Leisure Days

Contact: Oriole Jones
Work 165 Lombard St. R.R. #1 Smiths Falls ON K7A 5B8 Work Phone: 613-283-2345 Work Fax: 613-283-4555 Website:

Lockwood’s Sight & Sound Ltd.

Contact: Dave Ryan
Work 75 Elmsley St. N. Smiths Falls K7A 2H1 Work Phone: 613-283-0584 Work Fax: 613-283-8449 Website:

Marianne Style

Contact: John Wakim
Work 45 Beckwith St. N. Smiths Falls ON K7A 2B4 Work Phone: 613-283-6202 Website:

National Rent-To-Own

Contact: Jane Fleming
Work 39 Chambers St. Smiths Falls K7A 2Y3 Work Phone: 613-284-4167 Work Fax: 613-284-0999

Rideau River Music

Contact: Carrie-lynn Gahan
Work 11 Main St. W. Smiths Falls ON K7A 1M4 Work Phone: 613-283-1410 Work Fax: 613-283-1410

Smith’s Shoes Comfort and Corrective Footwear

Contact: Cy Wells
Work 12 Beckwith St. N. Smiths Falls ON K7A 2B1 Work Phone: 613-283-0577 Website:

The Rideau Winery

Contact: John Maloney
Work 22 Russell Street East Smiths Falls K7A 1E8 Canada Work Phone: 613-205-1500 Website: The Rideau Winery

Tweed Inc

Contact: Mark Zekulin
Work 1 Hershey Dr. Smiths Falls ON K7A Home Phone: 1-855-558-9333 Website:

Vineyard, The

Contact: Eric Beere
Work 15 Broadview St. Smiths Falls ON K7A 4X3 Work Phone: 613-284-0303 Work Fax: 613-284-2399 Website:

Wal-Mart Super Centre

Contact: Chris Leitch
Work 114 Lombard St. Smiths Falls ON K7A 5B8 Work Phone: 613-284-0838 Work Fax: 613-284-1472 Website: