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Ontario Chamber of Commerce on Ontario’s Fair Housing Plan

Rapid Policy Update: Canadian Free Trade Agreement Rapid Policy Update: Ontario’s Fair Housing Plan Today, the Ontario government released a set of 16 comprehensive measures aimed at helping Ontarians find affordable homes and bring stability to the real estate market. The OCC applauds the government for taking action to ensure affordability, however we believe that measures should target increasing supply and protecting landlords while encouraging new opportunities for growth. Background on Ontario’s Fair Housing Plan Ontario’s housing market has seen dynamic growth in recent years, with prices in the Greater Toronto Area and the Greater Golden Horseshoe rising significantly. After
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What is Accessibility?  – Making Our Community More Accessible

Submitted by the United Way of Lanark County, April 2017 When we think of disabilities, we tend to think of people in wheelchairs and physical disabilities – disabilities that are visible and apparent.  However, disabilities may also be non-visible.  We can’t always tell who has one.  The broad range of disabilities also includes vision, deafness or being hard of hearing, intellectual or developmental, learning, and mental health disabilities.  A disability may be permanent or it may be temporary, and it may happen to anyone at any time. Accessibility simply means giving people of all abilities opportunities to participate fully in
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